Fast TESTING is essential in the fight against COVID-19!

If you experience first symptoms such as fever, sore throat, shivering, fatigue, muscle pain, it is important to have a test done as quickly as possible.

Where can you have your test done?

In the 29 hospitals in Bucharest city and Ilfov county – see the List of hospital where you can take a free PCR test

PHARMACIES APPROVED BY THE MINISTRY OF HEALTH – see the List of pharmacies authorized for free-of-charge ant-gen testing


For a fee

What should you do after an infection is confirmed?

After having confirmed the infection, the Primary Care Physician  shall notice the DSP and shall issue a prescription.  

Should the treatment prescribed by the PCP fail to produce effects, should the temperature stay high or should your health condition worsen, you must travel immediately to an ASSESSMENT CENTRE, where a specialized doctor will provide a consultation, will perform additional investigations and prescribe a proper treatment. – see the List of COVID-19 Assessment Centers


Follow the treatment prescribed by your Primary Care Physician or by the specialist doctor of the Assessment Centre, follow-up with your Primary Care Physician and in a couple of days your health condition should be improving.

Do not take medication on your own initiative! Do not take antibiotics or other medicine without a medical prescription! The treatment taken at home or from dubious sources has led in many cases to an aggravated health condition, instead of an improvement.