We are increasing the minimum wage to 3,000 RON

The employees paid with a minimum wage, most of them in the private sector, must be supported by increasing the minimum wage from 1st of January, from 2,550 RON to 3,000 RON, gross amounts. As all Romanian who are working should be able to afford a decent living off their wage. The same idea is supported by the European Parliament, by recently adopting the European Directive on adequate minimum wages.

Moreover, PSD is also supporting the employers, by exempting from tax and social contributions an amount of 200 RON from the minimum wage. Actually, out of this effort to increase the wage by 450 RON, the state covers 200 RON and the employer, 250 RON.

Protection of employees with low wages should represent a priority at this moment in time!

Germany, the most important European economy, has already increased its statutory minimum wage in two rounds: the first, starting from 1st of July 2022 and the second one, starting from 1st of October 2022.