Romania is getting older day by day. We need to act!

During the last years, the birth rate has been dramatically decreasing in Romania, mainly on the background of a decrease in the living standards of young families and of the massive emigration of the active population. More and more Romanians choose not to become parents. Do you want to become a parent in Romania? Do you want to grow in Romania?

Children are a people’s future, however in Romania the birth rate has been dramatically decreasing. What future can we expect?

PSD submits for approval a Law for incentivizing the birthrate and supporting families with children.

This is the moment for Romania to grow! Let us act for the future of Romania!

A decline in the birthrate means a decline for the entire country

One country’s future is ensured by its children and by their education.

A decline in the birthrate translates into a decline for Romania.

Romania is quickly losing its growth potential as it is confronted with an alarming increase of an aging population. A decrease in the birthrate has a major negative economic impact (a decrease of 4% for the general population income, an increase of 6% of Government expenses and a meltdown in terms of GDP growth).

Benefits provided by the law on increasing the birthrate

The Social Democratic Party comes up with a bill of law that includes a number of measures meant to incentivize the birthrate, focused on supporting the young families.

1. Child allowance

Awarding immediately the state child allowance according to the level stipulated by the Government Emergency Ordinance no. 9/2019, respectively 600 RON for children up to 2 years old and 300 RON for children aged 2-18 years.

2. Increase of tax deductions for employees with children

Tax deductions allocated to employees with small and medium-level wages, of up to 5,000 RON. This measure ensures an increase in terms of revenue for 85% of the employees. This measure decreases the wage gaps and the poverty risk among families with many children.

3. Social tickets

Awarding social tickets in order to incentivize participation of children up to the age of 6 in public or private pre-school education, in nurseries and kindergartens. The proposal is to award an educational incentive as social tickets amounting to 1,000 RON a month for children aged 0 – 3 years and to 1,500 RON a month for children aged 3 – 6 years.

Do we want to live a retired country?

Romania needs the support of young people. The Government has a duty to support education and growth. Who can represent the future of Romania unless we support the increase of the birthrate?

Together we take care of our future! Let us make Romania grow!