Ciolacu: We have laid the foundation of a strong governing coalition

The President of the Chamber of Deputies Marcel Ciolacu issued the following statement on Wednesday November 24, 2021, at the solemn session of the Parliament dedicated to the National Day of Romania.

The celebration of 103 years since the union in one state of the Romanians from the old Kingdom, Bessarabia, Bucovina, Transylvania, Banat, Crişana and Maramureş finds us today at the end of a political crisis. We managed to put an end to the political chaos through maturity and responsibility. We managed to lay the foundations of a strong governing coalition. The efforts made by the fathers of the Great Union, the fact that they put aside what divided them and focused on what is one should be a source of inspiration for the entire current political class, especially in this difficult period, when the health crises, economic, social, and political have affected the lives of all Romanians. The entire political class has the duty to stabilize Romania in the coming period, regardless of the political or electoral stakes. This day of celebration reminds us that we have a duty to collaborate with each other. It is a duty to the Romanians and to Romania.”

Marcel Ciolacu