PSD has positioned Romania to lead our region during a challenging and dynamic geopolitical situation. PSD led Romania’s entry to NATO and the completion of the accession negotiations to the European Union. Our nation is more secure thanks to strategic partnerships with our partners in the European Union, U.S., and NATO. The Black Sea region has become a critical link for Europe, and Romania’s naval and port operations can enhance regional security. Projects like the Three Seas Initiative (3SI) drive greater cooperation on regional transport, energy, and digital infrastructure to bolster security and protect critical resources.

PSD stands firm against Russian encroachment into Ukraine and other sovereign lands and will continue to support our Ukrainian neighbors. Romania shares the largest land border with Ukraine of any EU or NATO country and has done its part to assist by welcoming millions of refugees fleeing violence and allowing Ukrainian agricultural producers to export grain through our secure ports. We have proudly hosted new NATO front line military bases. 


PSD supports market-oriented, business-friendly policies and a progressive tax system that enables fairness and common prosperity for our communities. Our highly educated workforce is one of our greatest assets, and we in government must do our part to ensure their success. PSD prioritizes policies that empower small and medium businesses and entrepreneurs, who serve as important job creators. 

Black Sea ports enable Romania to connect the global economy by facilitating trade between large trading partners and the international movement of goods. In key industries like agriculture, Romania has untapped growth potential that can drive economic growth for our population.

Recent developments in the region underscore the importance of diversifying and protecting European energy sources. For our part, PSD supports investments in new power production with the goal of becoming energy-independent in the near future.

PSD prioritizes creating a more favorable business environment in the country to drive greater investment from the U.S. and other partners. 


Romania is on the frontline of the global effort to protect democracy from authoritarianism. To this end, PSD prioritizes the strengthening of our institutions – including the justice system, anti-corruption efforts, and NGOs – to reinforce our democracy.

PSD led Romania’s accession into the European Union and has strong European Parliament representation and alliances. Looking ahead, PSD seeks to bring in new leadership and empower young people and families. We are committed to encouraging diversity in representation across all levels of government. PSD has also prioritized critical election reforms, increasing investments in education, and promoting collaborative dialogue among all members of society.