Marcel Ciolacu meets with Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez of Spain

March 17, 2022

PSD President Marcel Ciolacu, President of the Chamber of Deputies met with Prime Minister of Spain, Pedro Sanchez on March 17 at the Victoria Palace.

Marcel Ciolacu stated that Romania has a friend in Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, a leader who has actively promoted the need for a recovery plan.

“Romania has a genuine friend in the social-democratic prime minister of Spain. I spoke today with Mr. Pedro Sanchez, one of the active European promoters of the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism, about the joint responses we need to give to the effects of the conflict in Ukraine and the energy crisis. The social democratic government in Spain, moreover, quickly came up with solutions to the energy crisis and, together with PSD and the other parties in our political family, calls for the creation of new European instruments and the flexibility of the existing ones in order to provide an adequate response to the current challenges.”

Marcel Ciolacu