Prime Minister Discusses Energy Issues and Opportunities with U.S. Secretary of Energy

As Russia’s aggression in Ukraine continues to reorient the European energy network towards safe suppliers, Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu met with U.S. Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm to discuss the burgeoning public and private sector opportunities in Romania’s energy sector and how to secure the Black Sea region’s energy supply now and after the war.

During the meeting, the Prime Minister expressed his appreciation of Granholm’s leadership on energy issues in the region in pursuit of Romania and the United States’ shared goal of providing energy security for Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova. Romania has taken a proactive stance in supporting both countries to withstand Russia’s attacks on energy securing, supplying, and purchasing excess energy to and from Ukraine while providing for almost 80% of Moldova’s power needs. 

Additionally, Prime Minister Ciolacu highlighted how the U.S. investment in a robust package of clean, safe, and reliable nuclear power for Romania through the Cernavodă plant and other small modular reactor plants will position Romania as a leader in the clean energy transition, creating thousands of jobs in both countries. Through such bilateral engagement, Ciolacu said Romania will be energy-independent within five years. He further signaled that Romania is primed and ready for U.S. investments thanks to concentrated efforts to prepare its economy and infrastructure during his tenure so far.