Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu Meets with U.N. General Secretary and Assembly President in NYC

Following his successful trip to the Washington, D.C. to meet with key Biden Administration officials and congressional leaders to advance Romania’s strategic partnership with the United States, Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu headed to New York City, where he discussed addressing a wide range of global issues with U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres and U.N. General Assembly President Dennis Francis.

During his meeting with Secretary General Guterres, Prime Minister Ciolacu said the Government of Romania “endorses the U.N.’s framework document, Our Common Agenda, a roadmap that outlines the course of action for the upcoming period, hallmarked by numerous and diverse challenges.” The agenda calls for inclusive, networked, and effective multilateralism to better respond and deliver for the people and planet and to get the world back on track by turbocharging action on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). It further outlines possible solutions to address the gaps and risks that have emerged since 2015 and calls for a Summit of the Future in 2024.

Prime Minister Ciolacu told U.N. General Assembly President Francis during their meeting, “The Summit of the Future in 2024 will be a major test for the U.N., a high-stakes exam for the ability of member states to work together effectively. As a responsible and engaged global actor, Romania hopes other global leaders will seize this once-in-a-generation opportunity to enhance cooperation on critical challenges and address gaps in global governance, reaffirm existing commitments to SDGs and the United Nations Charter, and move towards a reinvigorated multilateral system that is better positioned to positively impact people’s lives.” While in New York, Ciolacu also met with Former U.S. Ambassador to Austria Ronald Lauder to discuss Romania’s progress in entering the Schengen Area.