PSD statement of policy – energy prices should be tied to current consumption

Bucharest – PSD is submitting an amendment to GEO 119/2022 to ensure that anyone who reduces energy consumption also benefits from capped prices to ensure equity and encourage responsible energy usage.

PSD will submit an amendment to Parliament to amend GEO 119/2022 that will enable people who reduce their current electricity consumption to benefit from capped prices. The amendment provides that the maximum consumption thresholds for which compensation is granted, respectively of 100 and 300 kWh/month, should be related to current consumption and not to the monthly average from the year 2021, as is the current form of GEO 119/2022.

This change will stimulate citizens to save on electricity, which will support Romania’s effort to reduce national consumption by 10% to meet the objectives set by the European Commission.

Additionally, Romania will not have to adopt impose obligations and sanctions on domestic consumers to reduce consumption, as happens in other EU states.