PSD Supports Adoption of European Minimum Wage Mechanism

September 15, 2022

PSD calls for Romanian Government to adopt the European Directive on the minimum wage in 2023

PSD urges the governing coalition to adopt, beginning in 2023, the provisions of the European Directive on the minimum wage adopted by the European Parliament on June 6, 2022.

Adopting the mechanism, which would set the minimum wage at 50% of the average gross wage in the economy, would increase the minimum income in Romania to a value close to 3,000 lei (gross). This aligns with PSD’s proposed minimum wage.

The Directive confirms that PSD’s economic analysis was correct, and the proposed increase is appropriate for supporting the Romanian working class in the current economic environment.

Recent European Commission decisions related to energy also supported recent proposals promoted by PSD, including energy price caps and the introduction of a solidarity contribution on excessive profit of companies in the energy sector.

The deadline for compliance with the provisions of the Directive is June 6, 2024.