Romania Invests in Black Sea Ports: “We must become a strategic hub for the reconstruction of Ukraine”

The Black Sea has never been more important to Europe, the Black Sea region, and a stable world order. Romania is on the front line of the Ukraine conflict, sharing the longest land border with Ukraine and more Black Sea ports than any other country in the EU.

Romanian leader Marcel Ciolacu understands the role Romania must play to secure a stable geopolitical, security, and economic future for the Black Sea region. “We all saw, especially after the start of the conflict in Ukraine, how important this infrastructure is and how important the Port of Constanţa is, which, from this moment on, became a main hub for the entry of grains to all of Europe.”

Ciolacu has pressed the Romanian governing coalition and directed his colleague and Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Sorin Grindeanu, to invest heavily in all the Romanian ports on the Black Sea, as well as all the rail lines that link to Ukraine. This can help ensure that grain flows from Ukraine to the world, and that energy resources flow from the Black Sea to the world.

Ciolacu and his colleagues have also pressed the EU to invest over one billion Euros into modernization of Romanian ports vital to the economic and security future of Europe and its people. As a result, Constanta is becoming the leading grain hub for Europe.