”The Romania–United States partnership is more important than ever before!” PSD President Marcel Ciolacu praises U.S. legislative efforts to support Romania

PSD President Marcel Ciolacu took to Twitter in March to thank U.S. Senators Jeanne Shaheen, Mitt Romney, and Dick Durbin for introducing legislation to support Romania and strengthen the U.S.-Romania bilateral relationship. The Black Sea Security Act, introduced by Sen. Shaheen and Sen Romney, will “deepen security and economic ties with the Black Sea Region” according to Ciolacu’s tweet, and has been actively supported by PSD delegations. The legislation would direct the Biden Administration to craft an American strategy for involvement in the Black Sea Region and was introduced with strong bipartisan support.

Senator Shaheen, this time with Senator Dick Durbin, also introduced legislation to admit Romania to the U.S. visa waiver program. Ciolacu called this important legislation “a signal of our nation’s growing importance as a vital U.S. ally in Europe.” Shaheen and Durbin recently visited Romania in their roles as the Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on Europe and Regional Security Cooperation and Co-Chair of the Senate Ukraine Caucus, respectively. Shaheen praised Romania for its “continued commitment to uphold democratic ideals” when introducing this latest legislation.