Paul Stănescu: Romanians’ trust PSD!

July 22, 2022
PSD General Secretary Paul Stanescu released the following statement in response to recent polling.

Recently, several polls have confirmed that PSD remains the party in which Romanians have by far the most confidence. I think this is a great signal. Since we entered the government, our strategic objective has not changed. We have been constantly alert and attuned to the worries, fears, and needs of all Romanians and, in particular, with the most vulnerable.

We will continue to promote and support policies that reduce inequality and serve the principle of social justice. Only in this way can we adequately respond to current social problems. The work of Romanians must be properly appreciated, and the difficulties they go through must be lessened with the support of the state, so that they do not become tragedies.

PSD is grateful to Romanians for noticing and appreciating our efforts to act responsibly and seriously in all crises. We promote solutions that leave no one behind, and within the coalition we have always acted as a government of and for all Romanians.

We ensured solid governance and political stability that Romania needed in the face of a pandemic, an economic crisis, and regional instability. We will continue to work to protect Romanians’ incomes and support an economic environment that is favorable to all.

PSD is, today, in the process of organizing and consolidating its branches. I have only one message: we will remain in the citizens’ preferences if we continue to be close to them and if we manage to provide the expected solutions and results, both at the governmental and local level.

PSD members, regardless of the positions they hold, must be aware that this trust capital we have is a common good achieved through work, seriousness, and political responsibility. We must protect it.
We have remained and will continue a party dedicated to the interests of the people.
Paul Stănescu, PSD general secretary