PSD supports energy market regulation to curb price increases

July 25, 2022

PSD believes it is necessary for the governing coalition to resume negotiations for the regulation of energy and gas prices in Romania for a limited period. PSD has been advocating for this since the start of the year, because the economic and social reality requires it.The market is deeply distorted and does not offer financially viable for the economy, which means additional costs are being unfairly transferred to consumers.

PSD specialists are carefully following developments in Europe, where more and more important voices in the economy claim that, after 30 years of liberalization, in the current critical context, energy security cannot be left to the markets.                                            

It is time for the coalition partners to realize that the liberalization of the energy market, an operation carried out during the 2020-2021 right-wing government, was a failure and only brought Romanians a series of price increases. We must follow in the footsteps of other European governments.

PSD believes that the regulation of the energy market represents a tool of decisive importance in the state’s effort to stop the avalanche of price increases. It will empower the Government to ensure that, come winter, people and the economy will have and can afford to pay for heat, electricity, and fuel.