Prime Minister Ciolacu: Romania Will Double the Export Capacity along the Danube to Help Ukraine

In a recent interview with the Financial Times, Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu discussed the importance of the Romanian Export Corridor as Russia continues its invasion of Ukraine. The Prime Minister asserted that Romania will double the capacity of its main Black Sea port and Danube shipping lanes within two months to help Ukraine ship its grain out of Russia’s reach.

“We have learned our lessons on Russia well,” Prime Minister Ciolacu remarked. “We are at zero dependency on Russian energy or resources. Our support to Ukraine is unconditional.”

Romania has been a strong ally to Ukraine, offering support on the humanitarian and trade levels and training military pilots. By increasing the capacity for exports in Constanta, as well as along the Danube, Romania is not only helping Ukraine maintain its economy but also demonstrating that it will not be intimidated by the most recent round of Russian strikes along its border.

“There is a war between a dictator and the free world…one that Europe cannot afford to lose,” said Prime Minister Ciolacu.

In addition to increasing the capacity for exports along the Danube, Romania is expanding its ground infrastructure, increasing border crossing points and railways. This will allow for less reliance on grain silos that have been a target of recent attacks.