Romania Seeks to Build Regional Reconstruction Hub Through Moldovan Port Acquisition

Photo: Giurgiulești International Free Port (

Romania continues to take bold steps towards positioning itself as a regional hub for transportation and logistics. In a recent interview, Romanian Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu announced that his government is in discussions with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to purchase Moldova’s Danube port.

“One of the most important hubs for the reconstruction of Ukraine, after the end of the war, will be Romania, and we must this time be logistically prepared for this,” the Prime Minister said. Romania seeks to acquire the port to develop it further. He also discussed his government’s proposed project to build another road and rail bridge over the Danube at Giurgiu. After negotiations with the bank’s representative, Romania is waiting for an answer, Ciolacu added.

The port of Giurgiulesti has already played a key role in the supply of goods to and from Ukraine. In 2022, the port transported a record 1.8 million tons of cargo, 62% of which to the European Union. The increased demand for the port led to the current construction of a new berth in Giurgiulești’s port, though more substantial development is needed to meet future endeavors.