PSD Leader Marcel Ciolacu Advances Romanian Commitment to Regional Security Interests including Rebuilding Ukraine

As the largest NATO and EU member-state on the Black Sea and a significant contributor to Black Sea security and interconnectivity, Romania continues to play a vital role in the region and on the world stage. Under the leadership of Social Democratic Party (PSD) President Marcel Ciolacu, PSD seeks to elevate Romanian contributions through an ambitious regional plan that will position Romania as a hub for the reconstruction of Ukraine and deepen diplomatic cooperation with Romania’s international partners.

Romania has diligently safeguarded NATO and EU interests through its proactive policies and multilateral efforts. Its central location and infrastructure have enabled Romania to welcome over 100,000 Ukrainian refugees, reliably facilitate the flow of Ukrainian grain to the world market in compliment to the UN Black Sea Grain Initiative, and ensure the energy and political stability of Moldova. PSD has also worked to build upon its relationships with international partners like South Korea and Japan, where PSD President Marcel Ciolacu—alongside Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca—made official visits to usher in new stages of political and economic dialogue and build upon the economic and political dimensions of the relationships. Strengthening Romania’s economy, encouraging inbound investment, and serving as a hub for the Ukraine reconstruction are key priorities for PSD. PSD is advancing a Black Sea strategy that extends beyond security to include freedom of navigation and the development of the region’s economies. Under the leadership of Marcel Ciolacu, Romania will continue to leverage the region’s interconnectivity and strengthen its relationships with international partners. These efforts will enable Romania to serve as a global center of business, interconnectivity, security, and good governance.