Newly Appointed Economy Minister Radu-Stefan Oprea to Turbo-Charge Trade, Tackle Inflation

Former PSD Senator Ștefan Radu Oprea is the new head of the reorganized Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship, and Tourism. In this capacity, Minister Oprea is set to expand Romania’s trade, encourage foreign investment, and tackle inflation.

After the first meeting of the new Executive Cabinet led by Prime Minister Ciolacu, Minister Oprea laid out the steps his Ministry will take to reduce Romania’s inflation and improve its trade balance. To achieve his agenda, Minister Oprea aims to strengthen supply chains through new emergency ordinances that will boost the production of materials for Romanian construction, add to existing value chains, and support the nation’s food industry by lowering consumer prices.

Minister Oprea’s ambitious efforts are part of Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu’s effort to produce and consume as many Romanian goods as possible by emphasizing the economic policies laid out in the new Government’s plan for “economic patriotism.” The Romanian Government plans to allocate “significant amounts” for new infrastructure investments and expanding existing capacities for processing raw materials in areas with new potential for modernization and development. Among many accomplishments, Minister Oprea is an energy expert and has been instrumental in the development of Romania’s drive for 100% energy independence, including through Black Sea natural gas development and sustainable energy investments. An experienced Washington hand, Oprea is a frequent visitor to Washington, where he works to advance U.S.-Romania economic and political relations. Oprea previously served as the Leader of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Senatorial Group within the Romanian Parliament and as the PSD Spokesperson. Oprea had also been Vice-President of the Senate between December 2020–August 2021, Quaestor from September–November 2021 of the Standing Bureau of the Senate, and the leader of PSD Senators from November 2021–June 2023.