PSD Officials distribute Ukrainian-Romanian conversation guide for refugees

PSD Senator and Minister of Culture Lucian Romașcanu announced at a press conference that a Romanian-Ukrainian conversation guide will be distributed free of charge to support Ukrainian refugees in Romania.

PSD Senator Robert Cazanciuc announced on Wednesday April 27, 2022, the printing of 13,000 copies of a Ukrainian-Romanian conversation guide to be distributed free of charge in refugee centers and other places to facilitate the integration of Ukrainian refugees in Romania. PSD Senator Lucian Romașcanu, the Minister of Culture, Daniel Jinga, interim manager of the National Opera, and several Ukrainian refugees also participated in the press conference.

“It is a Ukrainian-Romanian conversation guide. For the first time such a guide is printed in Romania since 1989. There is only one more, printed in Chisinau a few years ago. The occasion is not a very happy one, but is caused by the war, because too many people had to leave their homes and chose to live in peace in Romania until the war ends and they can return home. I want to thank the Official Gazette that responded to our request quickly and printed this Ukrainian-Romanian guide. It is intended, first of all, for those who live temporarily on the territory of Romania and – there are several tens of thousands of people who have chosen to live temporarily – to facilitate their integration and a better relationship with Romanian citizens.”

Robert Cazanciuc

“It is a flawless achievement. We want the reason that led to this guide to be, in a short time, only a memory and for it to remain an important tool to be used in tourist activities, because we all want this misplaced, unjust war to end.”

Lucian Romascanu