PSD urges government to intervene to reduce fuel prices

June 21, 2022

 PSD urges the Minister of Energy to move quickly to address rising fuel prices.

PSD welcomes the Coalition agreement that we should pursue decisive intervention by the Government to combat increasing fuel prices. PSD urges Minister of Energy Virgil Popescu to present a regulatory proposal for achieving this objective, either through price capping or another solution, swiftly to reduce fuel prices for Romanians.

Any delay in the Executive’s decision in this regard will seriously affect both the national economy and the purchasing power of citizens. Since the Ministry of Energy was tasked with presenting a legislative solution, fuel prices have already increased by another approximately 0.5 lei/liter. Action is needed! The government must intervene urgently to end these price hikes.

PSD believes setting a maximum price for customers or limiting the industry’s ability to increase markup prices, from the manufacturer to the gas station, are all options that should be urgently discussed within the governing coalition.