Romania Anchors NATO’s Eastern Flank

Romania has a 400-mile border with Ukraine and has emerged as the key NATO and E.U. member-state located in the geo-strategically important Black Sea region. Romania is a vital supporter of Ukraine in fighting Russia’s illegal and unprovoked invasion. The recently confirmed Ciolacu pledged that Romania is set to sustain and elevate its ongoing multidimensional assistance to Ukraine and its proactive aid to Russia-threatened Moldova.

Prime Minister Ciolacu told Newsweek that strengthening Romania’s strategic partnership with the U.S. is a top priority and that his Government is moving ahead to further secure NATO’s frontier. “Efforts have already been carried out and more are currently underway to bolster security along NATO’s eastern flank,” the Prime Minister said. He went on to express his “full appreciation” for the U.S. military presence in Romania and the “great leadership” of President Joe Biden in securing the Black Sea region. At the same time, Ciolacu strongly encouraged U.S. congressional efforts to implement a regional strategy through legislation like the Black Sea Security Act and Black Sea Security Strategy currently before Congress. Romania will continue to elevate multilateral and bilateral cooperation to advance common interests in the Black Sea and remain a reliable ally of the U.S. in Central and Eastern Europe. Prime Minister Ciolacu reiterated that his Government is determined to strongly contribute to the transatlantic community and steadfastly support democratic values.