Romania Welcomes U.S. Department of Commerce Defense and Aerospace Trade Mission

U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Europe and Eurasia David De Falco led a U.S. Department of Commerce (DoC) Aerospace and Defense Trade Mission to Romania on November 12-15, where 22 U.S. aerospace and defense companies visited Bucharest to form new trade relations.

Highlighting the significance of the DoC-led mission, Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu said the visit of 22 “top-notch” aerospace and defense companies showcases the consistent cooperation between Romania and the U.S. and “increased U.S. investors’ interest to transfer expertise and cutting-edge technologies to Romania.” He added that he was glad to welcome Deputy Assistant Secretary De Falco and that “The Government of Romania is engaged in bolstering the Romania-U.S. Strategic Partnership at all levels.”

The mission included some of the most innovative U.S. aerospace and defense companies in the industry. It aimed to introduce the firms to potential Romanian partners looking to source U.S. technologies and services for Romania’s growing defense market. “We are enthusiastic about building new collaborative partnerships that contribute to the security of Romania while promoting mutual economic growth,” De Falco said. Romania has been extensively working with the United States and its companies to boost Romania’s defense capabilities. Romania recently inaugurated a new training center for F-16 pilots that will be available to its NATO and Ukrainian partners. Additionally, Romania is currently pursuing a potential $2.5 billion deal for 54 Abrams main battle tanks and related equipment.