Secretary General of OECD Mathias Cormann comes to Romania to Launch the Second OECD Economic Survey

During the bilateral meeting with SG Mathias Cormann, Prime minister Marcel Ciolacu reiterated that OECD accession is a national priority that transcends political cleavages. He referred to the complex process of reforms in which the current government is engaged, with an eye to addressing the recommendations made by OECD experts in different committees. OECD accession is beneficial for the country’s economy as a whole, as well as for the Romanian citizens, and the government is committed to advance the process in order to obtain OECD membership by the end of 2026.

The Survey was launched at a public event attended by representatives of the State institutions involved in the OECD accession process, trade unions, businesses, civil society organization and media. The Survey includes assessments of the OECD on several major topics such as the macro-economic policy, the business environment, socio-economic reforms, as well as decarbonization of the economy. It emphasizes Romania’s steady economic growth during the last few years, salutes the ongoing regulatory reforms that improved the business environment, while also insists on the need to continue to fight inflation, to address inequalities and to accelerate the reduction of carbon emissions.