EU Enlargement – Marcel Ciolacu confers with the President of Montenegro

Topics related to Montenegro’s European path, the development of bilateral trade and tourism cooperation, but also within NATO, as well as issues related to regional security, in the context created by the Russian military aggression against Ukraine, were addressed during the meeting between Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu and Jakov Milatovic President of Montenegro.

Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu congratulated the Montenegrin head of state for his country’s progress in the process of joining the European Union. “Montenegro enjoys all our support, Romania remaining a firm supporter of the process of expansion and European integration of both the countries of the Western Balkans and those of the Eastern Partnership”, declared the head of the Romanian Executive.

Likewise, Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu appreciated the very good Romanian-Montenegrin cooperation within NATO, especially in terms of bilateral partnerships and the encouragement of the Alliance’s expansion policy, underlining the positive perspectives that exist for the development of this direction of cooperation.