PSD President Marcel Ciolacu Says, “Romania is fighting for all of Europe” and Expects to be Accepted into Schengen Area

PoliticoEU recently published an op-ed by PSD President Marcel Ciolacu, who set forward a call to action for Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer to reverse his country’s decision to bar Romania from the Schengen Area. Acceptance to the Schengen Area, a border control-free travel area of 27 European countries, including four which are not member of the EU, would empower the Romanian economy by encouraging tourism and business travel. The decision not to pursue further unity in a time when our regional cooperation is more important than ever harms the whole of Europe, Ciolacu pointed out, and Romania has proven in every way its readiness to continue down the European path.

PSD has aided Romanian integration into the EU, and it was under PSD leadership that Romania achieved EU and NATO membership. Romania proudly stands as the front-line defending Europe from the Russian threat, and has contributed significantly by welcoming more than 3 million refugees fleeing violence, investing in the modernization of our ports and railways to transport grain and other critical materials across the region, and committing our troops to the effort.

PSD is committed to achieving Schengen Area accession in 2023.